Project Title Borders without Boundaries
Type of Contract/Category Grant contract
IPA Component


IPA 1 (2007-2013), Cross border Cooperation Programme: Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania

1st call for proposals

Measure 1.3 Social cohesion
Functional Lead Partner, Lead partner and partners Functional Lead Partner: Municipality of Bitola (MK)

Lead Partner: Municipality of Korca (AL)

Sector of intervention: Cultural-natural heritage. Social cohesion among the youth.
Action location/s AL – Korce

MK – Bitola

Project aim & Objective: Presentation of the two cities potentials and specifics in front of the general public in the cross-border area. Bringing down all prejudges regarding way of life and culture in the neighboring country.
Results: Increased number of relations and cooperation between legal entities and individuals form Bitola and Korca; Increased awareness on the possibilities for cooperation; Available tools for information on the two cities potentials; Aroused interest for establishing relations; Increased number of exchange visits for business or tourism; Increased comfort ability for cooperation; Increased level of trust in the entities and institutions across the border.
Facts & Figures The key facts & figures relevant to the project:

Project duration: 12 months

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in MK: € 83,550.00
Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in AL: € 25,690.00