Project Title Cross–Border Shared Integrated Alternative Tourism
Type of Contract/Category Grant contract
IPA Component


IPA 1 (2007-2013), Cross border Cooperation Programme: Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania

1st call for proposals

Measure 1.1 Economic development
Functional Lead Partner, Lead partner and partners Functional Lead Partner: ORT Training for Sustainable Development (MK)

Lead Partner: Local Economic Development Agency AULEDA AL

Sector of intervention: Tourism, Business promotion, people to people actions.
Action location/s AL– Region of Korca

MK – Region of Struga

Project aim & Objective: Implementation of people-to-people actions to foster cross border business cooperation and training, transfer of know-how for the integrated product (lake and mountain) in the tourism sector. The action will assist to determination of ideas and business prospective to attract worldwide businesses.
Results: People from Krushevo, MK participated in internship in companies in Pogradec, AL and vice versa; people educated to develop tourism services; Tourism services catalogue for the region; Promotion of the region for alternative type of tourism; Organized regional touristy services exhibition; Integrated touristy offers of 2 cities related to winter and summer seasons; New partnership between the NGOs, local government and businesses is established.
Facts & Figures The key facts & figures relevant to the project:

Project duration: 12 months

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in MK: € 49,995.00

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in AL: € 49,992.14