Project Title Experience the Healthy Rural Life
Type of Contract/Category Grant contract
IPA Component


IPA 1 (2007-2013), Cross border Cooperation Programme: Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania

3rd call for proposals

Measure 1.1 Economic development
Functional Lead Partner, Lead partner and partners Functional Lead Partner: Federation of Farmers of the Republic of Macedonia (MK)

Lead Partner: Albanian Agribusiness Council, (AL)

Sector of intervention: Promoted agro tourism and high-quality food production.
Action location/s AL – Elbasan and Dibra region

MK – Polog and Pelagonia region

Project aim & Objective: Improved quality life of the inhabitants in the cross-border area, increased opportunities for economic development in the cross-border region. Enhanced rural areas development in the cross-border region through promoted agro tourism and high-quality food production.
Results: Increased knowledge among rural areas inhabitants for new environmentally friendly agriculture production technologies; Identified branded and promoted typical traditional food products from the cross-border region; Exploring possibilities and promoted agro tourism potential in the cross border region.
Facts & Figures The key facts & figures relevant to the project:

Project duration: 12 months

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in MK: € 161,721.00
Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in AL € 137,523.20