Project Title Virtual Action – Real Result
Type of Contract/Category Grant contract
IPA Component


IPA 1 (2007-2013), Cross border Cooperation Programme: Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania

3rd call for proposals

Measure 1.1 Economic development
Functional Lead Partner, Lead partner and partners Functional Lead Partner: MDC-TI.Net, MK

Lead Partner: Foreign Investors Association of Albania, AL


Sector of intervention: Business promotion, competitiveness
Action location/s AL – Korca & Pogradec

MK – Ohrid & Struga municipality

Project aim & Objective: Creating favorable conditions for sustainable development reinforce relations trough long term regional cooperation between companies, institutions and people related to competiveness and attractiveness in the cross-border region by effective use of the existing economic infrastructure as a basis for acceleration of joint co-operation.
Results: Improved competitiveness and attractiveness of the companies through creation, promotion and utilization of Inventory: Data Base and Virtual Software (web-based), including Manual, Marketing Strategy; Raised awareness and capacity building on competitiveness and improving standards (including appropriate behaviour) for more effective production, delivering services and work in general;
Facts & Figures The key facts & figures relevant to the project:

Project duration: 20 months

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in MK: € – 146,176.00

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in AL € 124,643.00