Project Title Youth Empowerment and Employment Generation Project
Type of Contract/Category Grant contract
IPA Component


IPA 1 (2007-2013), Cross border Cooperation Programme: Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania

3rd call for proposals

Measure 1.3 Social cohesion
Functional Lead Partner, Lead partner and partners Functional Lead Partner: Sprint Foundation, AL

Lead Partner: Economic Chamber of Northwest Macedonia, MK

Sector of intervention: Social cohesion. Education and employment.
Action location/s AL – Region of Diber

MK – Southwest Region

Project aim & Objective: To promote partnerships between various local government agencies, educational institutions, youth organizations and private sector on both sides of the border aiming at social cohesion of young generation through education and employment. Enhancing civil society and local government cooperation.
Results: A detailed overview report of the status quo of young people development in the respective regions and a better knowledge management to serve either for the Youth Empowerment and Employment Generation Project; Network youth employment and youth entrepreneurship; Improvement of issues related to work-force development by preparing the youth for the workplace.
Facts & Figures The key facts & figures relevant to the project:

Project duration: 14 months

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in MK: € 104,878.80

Total Project Budget for the grant beneficiary in AL € 104,959.19