The Ministry of Local Self-Government, Skopje, in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration – Tirana, operational structures responsible for the implementation of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program, organized a Handicrafts Fair. The fair was held on November 10, at the Drim Hotel in Struga, as part of the 5th celebration of the European Territorial Cooperation Day (ETCD).

This fair, the first of its kind, which aroused exceptional interest among handicraft makers from both countries, was attended by guests from the eligible area covered by this program: Pelagonija, Polog and Southwest region, as well as the regions of Diber, Elbasan and Korca in the Republic Albania. At this celebration, participants, exhibitors and visitors had the opportunity to receive data and information about the current

Program for cross-border cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Albania 2014-2020 by representatives of the Ministry of Local Self-Government, the EU Delegation in Skopje and the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Program based in Struga, and within the cultural and artistic part of the program students from the State Music School in Struga as well as the cultural and artistic societies “Ilinden” and “Rrezet e Strugës”.

The first 3 best video proposals from the Competition for the most creative short video on the topic: “5 reasons why I want to visit my neighboring country!” Were announced within this fair.

The competition, which was announced on September 28 and lasted until October 31, was related to short selfie videos (with a maximum duration of 60 seconds) where all interested participants could creatively state their 5 views (personal reasons) why they want to visit a neighboring country.

Cross border Crafts Fair
Competition for the most creative short video

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