Training for Potential Applicants on “How to prepare a successful application under the 2nd Call for Proposals” scheduled for 17 – 18 of December 2018 in Struga and 09 – 10 of January 2019 in Pogradec


On behalf of the Operating Structures of this IPA CBC Programme, the Ministry of Local-Self Govenment in MK and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in AL, the Joint Technical Secretariat Struga and its Antennae Elbasan are pleased to invite you to participate in the training for potential applicants “How to prepare a successful application under the 2nd Call for Proposals” of this IPA CBC Programme.

Please note that the language of the training is English with translation in local languages.

The training aims at developing capacities of potential applicants, in preparation of project proposals under the 2nd CfP of this IPA CBC Programme, through presentation, discussion and advice on how to properly approach to the fulfilment of the concept note, logical framework matrix and full application form, including the budget.

Within the 2-days training participants will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge of basics Project Cycle Management through practical work, examples, group discussions as well as questions and answers. Recommendations on how to overcome common mistakes within various sections of the applications process will be provided as well. Agenda of the training will be sent to all participants on the training, additionally.

The related costs for the training such as venue of the training, training materials, refreshing, meals and other cost will be covered under the Technical Assistance of the IPA 2 CBC Programme.

Please be informed that participants should use their own financial sources to cover the costs for transport and accommodation if they occur from their participation on the training.

We recommend no more than two representative of each institution/organization to be present on the training. The number of participants on the training is limited to 30.

Priority for participation on the trainings will be given to unsuccessful applicants from previous CfPs as well as potential applicants who plan to apply for the first time under the 2nd CfP of this CBC Programme.

Please send your confirmation for participation on this training not later than 13 of December 2018, on the official JTS (Antennae) email addressee:

The training for Potential Applicants on “How to prepare a successful application under the 2nd CfPs” will take place:

  • on 17 and 18 December 2018 on 09.00 am in Struga, MK.
  • on 09 and 10 of January 2019 on 09.00 am in Pogradec, AL.


You will timely be informed about the exact location (the premises) of the events.


Click here for agenda:  Agenda Training for PA_ 2nd CfPs_IPA CBC MK-AL Struga

Click here for agenda:  Agenda Training for PA_ 2nd CfPs_IPA CBC MK-AL Pogradec


In case you would like to participate in the event in Struga, MK or in Pogradec, AL:

Please confirm the participation of your organization/institution at the Training by sending us your completed Registration form to the e-mail address: by latest 13 December 2018 at 15.00h.


Click here for Registration form:  Training PA_Struga-Registration-form-CBC 2nd CfP_MK-AL

Click here for Registration form: Training PA_Pogradec-Registration-form-CBC 2nd CfP_MK-AL


  • 14 December 2018

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