Research papers on cross-border cooperation

Results of EU – funded Cross-Border Cooperation reaserach papers for the projects implemented under IPA 2007-2013 IPA 2014-2020 Cross-border Cooperation Programme between North Macedonia and Albania

Anastasija Popeska – Мobile medical teams

Mirko Ukoski – How TBR “actors” maintain and conserve

Hristina Gelevska – Analysis of awareness, trends and the state of social entrepreneurship and the relationship with green products -cross-border cooperation, strategies for future development

Tomislav Pesinovski – Protecting the environment and natural resources

Enea Jani – The Cultural Impact of the House Museum of Sterjo Spasse (2)

Durum Sujlemani – Consumes behaviour on sustainable food packaging

Violeta Aluloska – Networking of media from the border region of the MK and AL for economic and cultural dev