The Ministry of Local Self-Government, the State Agency for Strategic Programming and Coordination of Assistance (SASPAC) of Albania, and the European Union, officially marked the start of the implementation of the IPA 3 Program for Cross-Border Cooperation between North Macedonia and Albania in Ohrid, through which €13.79 million has been provided for projects for the period up to 2027.

The aim of the program is to promote sustainable development, environmental protection, and socio-economic growth, with a focus on improving the cross-border region through sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, and climate change adaptation initiatives.

Representatives from municipalities and civil associations from both countries attended the event. Representatives from the Operating Structures of the two countries, as well as from the EU Delegation in Skopje, informed the participants about the program’s objectives and the implementation method. The experience and success of the program from the second IPA programming period were highlighted as beneficial.

The funding is strategically divided among environmental protection €6.3 million, sustainable tourism and cultural heritage €6.3 million, and technical assistance amounting to €1.19 million to support the implementation of the IPA 3 program, which aims to improve living conditions and create new opportunities for municipalities and citizens from the border region.

With up to 85% of the costs covered by the EU, this initiative highlights the importance of cooperation in addressing regional challenges and strengthening local governance.

The event was held at the Mountain Rescue Service, Red Cross in Ohrid, organized by the Joint Technical Secretariat and the Antenna in Albania.

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