We are thrilled to announce the start of six intensive training sessions designed for potential applicants under the 1st Call for Proposals (CfP) of the IPA 3 Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Programme between North Macedonia and Albania (MK-AL).


The training, titled “Writing a Successful Project Proposal – Concept Note Stage,” aims to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to develop effective and compelling project proposals.


The sessions will cover a range of topics critical to the proposal-writing process, including understanding the requirements of the Concept Note stage, structuring proposals for clarity and impact, and incorporating strategic elements to enhance the chances of project approval.


Participants will engage in practical exercises, group discussions, and receive expert guidance to refine their proposal-writing skills.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees for their enthusiastic participation and commitment. Your dedication makes these sessions highly productive and insightful.


We also thank our expert trainers for their invaluable contributions and for sharing their expertise.


Stay tuned for more opportunities and support as we continue to foster collaboration and capacity-building through the IPA 3 CBC Programme MK-AL.


Together, we can drive impactful cross-border projects that contribute to the sustainable development of our regions.

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