Beyond Borders – Introducing Smart Tourism and Sharing Economy



Project Title

Beyond Borders – Introducing Smart Tourism and Sharing Economy

Type of Contract/Category

Grant contract

IPA Component/ (national or regional)

Programming year

IPA 2, Cross border cooepration: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Republic of Albania, allocations 2014-2015

Lead applicant and co-applicants

CSO Local Agency for Development

Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy

Biologist of Albania

Mat municipality


Not balanced tourism development between most and least developed tourism municipalities in the cross border region cross border region

Abstract (short project summary)

Introduced and sustained smart tourism, as borderless driver of economic development for cross-border communities

Final beneficiary

Citizens; Public institutions managing natural and cultural heritage; Municipalities

Action location/s

Republic of Macedonia,

Southwest region

Debar, Ohrid Lake Region

Republic of Albania,

Eastern region

Mat, Diber, Bulqize, Klos


Main goal: To introduce smart tourism and sharing economy concept based on more innovative and efficient use of endogenous cultural and natural resources and existing human capital

Key objectives:

· To stimulate usage of ICT technology in tourism sector and adapt current business models to fit to latest trends;

· To strengthen tourism sector thinking in the region going beyond administrative borders and enable networking among tourism key stakeholders;

· To enhance the position of tourism industry as borderless driver of economic development for cross-border communities;

· To deepen cooperation among communities on business, social and personal level by creating joint tourism niches between the municipalities in the cross-border region (Mat, Diber, Bulqize, Klos, Debar and Ohrid Lake Region).


1. Research- analysis, interviews, benchmarking, survey. Data sourcing-standards, reports, strategies, questionnaires, focus groups.

2. Training- tailor made programs and tools, needs assessments, publications, awareness raising campaigns, infrastructure rehabilitation.

3. Design and brand creation, technical development of software online platform, technical development of mobile apps, designing and building digital interactive infrastructure such as physical info posts and other gadgets, training and education of users.

4. Engaging travel bloggers, marketing and growth strategy.


1. Developed digital tangible infrastructure that can support new data model of smart tourism and stimulated innovative entrepreneurial spirit among local tourist providers;

2. Cross-border region becomes widely recognized as attractive tourism destination and its visibility is increased;

3. Balanced tourism development in both countries is achieved and cross   border cooperation at all levels is deepened by designing joint tourism packages, digital and other small infrastructure investments in target area.

Facts & Figures

The key facts & figures relevant to the project:

• Project duration: 27 months

• Start date of the project: 01.12.2017

• End date of the project: 28. 02.2020


• Cost of the action:  304,054.00 €

• EU contribution: 258,445.90 €

• EU contribution percentage: 85 %

Final useful footnotes

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CSO “Local Agency for Development” – LDA from Struga

Dimce Kovacevski 30/2 Struga  


Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy from Skopje 


Biologists of Albania from Tirana



Project coordinator – Jasminka Popovska 

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