Both Operating Structures of the IPA II CBC Programme North Macedonia – Albania launched a contest for the selection of applicants preparing project implementation research papers in November 2021 (IPA CBC programmes North Macedonia – Albania (IPA 1 2007-2013 and IPA 2 2014-2020). The OSs are interested in knowing how the implementation of the IPA CBC Programme between North Macedonia and Albania contributes to improving the lives of inhabitants in the programmme area. They are also interested in raising awareness, collecting and generating data, and analysing the neighbouring policy in the areas along the shared borders of those countries. The call will involve applicants from North Macedonia and Albania according to the eligibility criteria set out in the guidelines for this call. The application procedure was distributed to the potential interested stakeholders, especially Universities in the programme eligible area, according to the JTS database and official website posts of the OSs. The deadline for submission of entries is on the 15 February 2022. There had been organized two info sessions for the promotion of this open call for “Research Papers” to be prepared by students for the projects implemented under IPA 1 and 2 CBC Programme North Macedonia – Albania. The first session was organized in Hotel “Kapri”, Bitola, North Macedonia on 23.12.2021 with 40 participants, whilst the second at the premises of the University “Aleksander Xhuvani” of Elbasan on 26.01.2022 with 38 participants. The evaluation procedure is ongoing.

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