Within the framework of the IPA II CBC Programme North Macedonia – Albania 2014-2020, the Operating Structures (MoLSG & SASPAC) in cooperation with the DEU in North Macedonia, the CBIB +3 and the JTS, organized the training “Establishing and Maintaining a good Monitoring System” with the CBC grantees under the 3rd Call for Proposals of this Programme via online, on 27 May, 2022.

This training is the third one of the series of trainings organized to support the implementation of the grants under this CfPs. The aim of the training/workshop was to support the grant beneficiaries in the implementation of the awarded grants in relation to establishing and maintaining a good Monitoring System.

Topics such as what is monitoring system; how to make your project really count? collecting and analyzing data; visualization of data collected; baselines and targets; setting up a good monitoring system; the WB regional monitoring system; etc, had been tackled and discussed among the participants.

The training contributed on Improving knowledge of the grant beneficiaries about the monitoring system, collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, developing and using baselines, provided guides on how to collect and analyses data and on preparing internal monitoring reports, as well as provided practical exercise on these topics.

This 1-day online training was attended by 29 participants representing6 grantees, together with the OSs CBIB +3, and JTS experts.

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