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Microenterprise development project for women in the cross-border area

Project Title
Microenterprise development project for women in the cross-border area
Type of Contract/Category
Grant contract
IPA Component/ (national or regional) Programming year
IPA 2, Cross border cooepration: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Republic of Albania, allocations 2014-2015
Lead applicant and co-applicants
Center for Change Management (CCM) Centre for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS) Institute for Human Rights (IHR) Foundation for support of women and youth entrepreneurship EGALITE

Low presence of women enterprises at the market in the cross-border area together with lack of business skills and lack of opportunities to start and grow in the business.

Abstract (short project summary)

The project will in general refer to potential and existing women entrepreneurs and will provide necessary support in order to strengthen their business skills and provide additional technical support and assistance in order to grow and expand micro and small businesses owned and run by women in the cross-border region between Polog and Elbasan.

It will start with personal interviews with women and will map their needs and skills that need to be improved, areas of improvement etc. Then it will prepare appropriate plans in order to build capacities organised around three blocks:

· Building of skills and competences of potential entrepreneurs for starting up its own business.

· Improving of production, and income for the existing microenterprise, and organising all of the work related producing new products, improving of selling and trading skills, networking and B2B meetings etc. Herein also on-line platform will be created and also regional BtB meetings and business fairs will serve for opening of new opportunities at the market and finding business partners in the cross-border area and wider Balkan region.

· Revision of policy on microenterprise development – starting with feasibility study from 6-12 months, and continuing with consultation meetings with national and local authorities, producing of recommendations and elaboration of policy briefs. In addition, media coverage and production of video material and journalist stories will be put in use for raising awareness on issues of interest and possible and sustainable solutions to resolve the identified problems.

Final beneficiary
T Direct target group in the project will encompass women potential entrepreneurs and women owned companies for improvement of production and income, and increase of trade and sale of their products. T The project will additionally involve local institutions and stakeholders involved in revision of existing and creation of new business policies for women. The final beneficiaries are local families and people that live in Polog and Elbasan region.
Action location/s
Polog and Elbasan regions

Main aim: The project will in general increase competitiveness of women and strengthen the women entrepreneurship in Polog and Elbasan regions and provide sustainable solutions for development of women`s micro and small businesses in the cross-border area.


Specific objectives:

Objective 1: To increase personal entrepreneurial skills and business competencies of women engaged in formal or informal business;

Objective 2: To provide legal support services in doing business – in order to accept the rights and obligations in doing the business, make informative choices and get advice for a range of legal and administrative matters that entrepreneurs encounter in everyday work;

Objective 3: To improve on production, access to market and leverage possibilities for business development and cross-border cooperation and trade between rural areas and bigger urban centers at the regional and international markets;

Objective 4: To enhance/revise the local and national policy measures for support of women entrepreneurship;

Recruiting and selection of potential women entrepreneurs and women engaged in business through open calls and personal interviews;

Generating and testing business ideas through group workshops and individual guidance, networking and tandem-learning;

Organising professional training programs for elaboration of business ideas, business management and mitigation of risks in doing business;

Establishment of business advisory services for provision of support for improved design, production and packaging of products;

Organising direct marketing services and joint e-commerce activities with creation of on-line store for sale of products at the international market;

Providing legal support service for dissemination of information on legal rights and responsibilities in doing business and providing advice on legal matters;

Networking sessions, B2B events and two regional fairs for promotion of products, cooperation and trade in the cross-border area;

Organizing round tables with national, regional and local authorities, businesses, banks and other relevant stakeholders on revision of policies;

Elaboration of revised support measures for increase of women’s entrepreneurship.


On the base of proposed objectives and activities foreseen with the project, there are five main results expected to be achieved:

Result 1. Improved skills and competences in business management, risk mitigation and general entrepreneurial attitudes and business values;

Result 2. Established Business Advisory Services for women entrepreneurs in order to increase on economic activities and business development;

Result 3. Disseminated Legal and Economic Support Services and Information on duties, taxes, rights and obligations for entrepreneurs, and individual advice on legal matters;

Result 4: Increased economic activity in production, trade and sale of local products as a result of increased design, packaging, cross-border cooperation and/or online store and marketing;

Result 5: New policy measures developed in joint activity of local and national authorities to take advantages of women in business;

Facts & Figures

The key facts figures relevant to the project:

• Project duration: 30 months

• Start date of the project: 01.04.2018

• End date of the project: 01.10.2020


• Cost of the action:  388.048,04€

• EU contribution: 329.840,83€

• EU contribution percentage: 85 %

Final useful footnotes

Lead partner:

Center for Change Management (CCM)

Ul. Rajko Zinzifov 44/1, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


Partners in the project:

Centre for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS)


Institute for Human Rights (IHR)


Foundation for support of women and youth entrepreneurship EGALITE


Gordana Stefkovska – Veljanovska – Projеct Manager


phone +389(0)2 6092-216

fax: +389(0)2 6092-216

mobile: +389(0)71 292-002


For more information: