In order to increase the capacities of   grant   beneficiaries   for managing projects awarded under the 1st Call for Proposals, the training on “Contract Award Procedures under CBC grant contracts (PRAG 2016) had been organized at hotel “IMPERIAL” in Elbasan on 6 and 7 of February 2018, in cooperation with DEU in Skopje, both OSs and JTS (Antennae). The training materials have been developed and delivered by the CBIB+2 experts.

Some of the most important topics of the discussions during the training were as follows:

Discussions about the most frequent types of procurements under CBC grant contracts; Fundamental principles of procurement procedures: Contract award procedures-supplies (open procedure: steps, award criteria, documents, technical specifications, timeframe); Contract award procedures-services (competitive negotiated procedure: steps, award criteria, documents, terms of reference, timeframe); Contract award procedures-works (competitive negotiated procedure: steps, award criteria, documents, technical specifications, timeframe); Evaluation of tenders for supplies and works and services;

Practical exercises, etc according the Annex IV of grant contract (PRAG 2016.0).

The participants held different discussions with, the EUD, CBIB+ and JTS experts /representatives.

The training aimed to enhanced knowledge and practical skills of grant beneficiaries to implement their projects in line with the provisions of their CBC grant contracts. More specifically training results included:

  1. Improved knowledge of the training beneficiaries about the fundamental principles of procurement procedures under CBC grant contracts;
  2. Furthered knowledge on specific provisions related to procurement of supplies, works and services
  3. Enhanced practical skills for preparation, implementation and evaluation of tenders.

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