In order to increase the capacities of grant   beneficiaries for managing their projects awarded under the 1st Call for Proposals, the “1st Coordination meeting among the GBs” had been organized and delivered by the EUD Skopje with the support of the JTS & Antennae, at hotel “DRIM” in Struga on 5th of June 2018.

The importance of IPA CBC project implementation and the collaboration between projects had been pointed out during the meeting. The EU Delegation brought together representatives from all the leading organizations and their partner, not only to share problems and challenges, but mainly to know each other better, to find ways to

collaborate and so the project would have a real impact in the cross-border Programme. The coordination between the projects was a key issue. Each of the leading organization introduced shortly the project objectives, target and activities. This was an opportunity for all the projects to get to know better each other in the way to find out the project’s similarities.

The following are some of the issues discussed among the participants: VAT disbursement in Albania; Sub granting procedures should be prepared well ahead; Public institutions facing problems on opening a dedicated account for the project, due to a long procedure, the project partners are having delays on the planned expenditures; Potential problems might occur for the validation of expenditures; Issues regarding the exchange rate EURO/ALL; Problems dealing with the procurement in public institutions on the Albanian side; The MOUs with the MoLSG for the co-financing part will be signed after the project implementation; the visibility of the projects, etc.

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