On 10th of February 2022, in Krusevo, North Macedonia, the JMC held the 12th meeting under IPA II CBC Programme North Macedonia – Albania 2014-2020. In this meeting, the most important topics discussed were related to: (1) approval of the Annual Implementation Report for the year 2021; (2) approval of the Annual Work Plan for the year 2022; (3) status of the strategic project idea. The JMC had approved the AIR for 2021 with the comments provided by DEU and the AWP for the year 2022. Also, both OSs should commit themselves by providing and fulfilling the conditionalities (bilateral agreement/legislation, environmental impact assessment) by the middle of 2022. The revised action plan and time schedule to be prepared by the OSs and submitted to DEU with all steps and actions to fulfill the conditionalities.

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